Y5 at Conyers Big Bang Science, January 2016

This morning, our Y5 children walked up to Conyers to be treated to ninety minutes of loud, colourful and smelly Chemistry with Mr Thorburn, one of the Conyers Science teachers.

Alongside looking at different elements and describing their properties, the children carried out three short experiments: mixing magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate solutions; adding citric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate to water and. finally, adding copper sulfate to water. I won’t spoil the surprise here by telling you what happens; I’ll let your children tell you all about it tonight!

Mr Thorburn rounded off the lesson by demonstrating what happens when magnesium burns in pure oxygen then entertained us all with his famous ‘Screaming Jelly Baby’ experiment and the dramatic ‘Rocket Fuel’ demonstration.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, learning a little more about the world around them into the bargain and putting into use the knowledge and skills they have developed as part of the Y5 Science curriculum. They were also superb ambassadors for Levendale, listening well and working quickly and efficiently in class.

Thank you to Mrs Spellman and Mr Thorburn from Conyers for allowing/facilitating these sessions and to Miss Johnson and Mrs Gullon for walking the children up to Conyers. I’m just glad it wasn’t as windy as Monday and Tuesday were!