Y3 time capsule

In a very exciting element of their Topic curriculum this term, Year 3 have buried a time capsule in a top-secret location within the school grounds which contains a number of different artefacts, including some very touching letters to their future selves.

The idea is that the time capsule will be retrieved in 25 years’ time (hopefully we will be able to keep in touch with this cohort of children for that length of time!) and the letters recovered to see how much of the content has transpired! I was highly impressed by the level of thought that had gone into the production of these letters along with the preparation of ‘fossils’ that had taken place and the creativity of Mrs McFarlane in coming up with the idea in the first place.

I would like to hope that the time capsule will remain undisturbed for duration of the project and future staff will be able to dig it up and marvel at the artefacts from another time!

 DSC04360_edited addresses out!