Supporting children with medical conditions

Following a model policy distributed by the Local Authority and after slight amendments to personalise the policy to Levendale, the staff and Governors of Levendale have adopted the new ‘Supporting Children with Medical Conditions’ policy, effective immediately. Supporting materials are available in the ‘Files’ section of the app, on the school website and also via the links below:

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions

Medication forms guidance and Appendix 1

The only major change to policy is that three-dose courses of antibiotics or similar medication will no longer be accepted for administration in school: the Governing Body has determined that this can reasonably be accommodated by parents in the home environment.

A new Appendix 1 to the Policy has been written and can be accessed from the app, the website or the school office: where a parent is making a request for the administration of medication in school, ALL sections of this new Appendix 1 document must be fully completed before the school will agree to take possession of and administer the medication as per the Policy.