September 2020 reopening

This page contains the documents with details of our full reopening in September. These documents will be revised as necessary and the new version made available as appropriate.

The key things to be aware of are:

  • children to wear normal school uniform
  • entry/exit according to the site protocols document below
  • on days where P.E. is to be taught, children should come to school in P.E. kit, not uniform (long-sleeved hoodie or similar and long jogging bottoms over white T-shirt and red shorts plus trainers)
  • if there are books to bring back to school, books bags can be brought in initially. We are keen to continue home-reading and therefore book bags will likely start to be used as they were prior to closure within a week or so
  • children arriving on the playground must line up immediately at the times indicated in the documentation below – the play equipment is not to be used
  • children will be provided with individual stationery packs – they should not bring anything in from home other than the items specified in the letter below
  • children should bring their own packed lunch for Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September
  • the school kitchen will be providing a packed lunch service for those having a school meal until October half-term; hot meal service should resume for the latter half of the Autumn Term – details to be sent out to parents on September 3rd.

Simplified timings SEPTEMBER20

Site protocols for entry and exit SEPTEMBER 2020 v3

Classroom arrangements SEP20

September reopening letter_JUL20

School lunches letter SEP20