School meals survey, May 2016

This is a synopsis of the feedback we have been given as a result of the school meals survey. Thank you to all those who participated. Overall, we had 55 respondents which corresponds to 54% of families whose children currently have school meals. The feedback has been given to the Catering Service as part of my on-going dialogue with them, as well as being shared with my Governing Body.

77.78% of respondents are very happy or fairly happy with the standard of meals provided.

94.45% of respondents get regular or occasional feedback on the quality of meals.

74.07% of respondents have children who have been on school meals for more than a year.

50% of respondents believe that school meals offer value for money (26% do not).

Recurring themes within the areas for written feedback were:

-small portions of food (especially for older children)

-too much choice in terms of meals; have only one or two options available

-plenty of choice! (some parents were very happy to have a wider range of meals)

-standard of cooking

The Catering Area Manager is intending to come into school to discuss menus with the School Council in order to get a pupil view of the menus offered by the Catering Team. She has already had detailed feedback resulting from the survey and will be looking at how some of the issues raised as part of the feedback can be addressed. She is also looking in to the portion issue that was identified by a number of respondents.

There will be a survey released shortly aimed at parents of children who are on packed lunches.

Thank you,

Mr Beadnall