Across the year, there are several key dates when we will be carrying out statutory testing in school. It is extremely important that your children attend well across the year, but even more so during these periods of statutory testing.


Statutory testing in KS1 will continue in 2018 as it has since being reintroduced in 2016.  KS1 outcomes will no longer be represented using levels and will simply use a scaled score to represent each child’s attainment.

  • English Reading Paper 1: combined reading prompt and answer booklet
  • English Reading Paper 2: reading booklet and reading answer booklet
  • Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmetic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning

There is no separate Writing test: writing will continue to be teacher assessed against the Assessment Frameworks for 2017-2018. Click here to view

These statutory KS1 tests will be taken DURING MAY. It is at the discretion of the school as to when these tests are completed – not all children are obliged to complete the tests at the same time, but all children who are deemed to be working within the standard measured by the tests must sit them. We will endeavour to communicate a more detailed idea of when the tests will be administered closer to the time. We will also organise meetings for parents to give them an idea of what can be expected within the tests themselves.

Children in Y1 will, as ever, have to sit the statutory Phonics Screening Test (as will any children in Y2 who did not meet the required standard when they first sat the test in Y1). This will take place in across the week beginning 11th June 2018.


2018 KS2 SAT Week

This year, SATs will take place during the week beginning Monday 14th May. A more detailed timetable is given below:

Monday 14th May:                        English reading test

Tuesday 15th May:                     English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (Paper 1 – short answer)

                                                    English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling (Paper 2 – spelling)

Wednesday 16th May:                Mathematics (Paper 1 – Arithmetic)

                                                    Mathematics (Paper 2 – Reasoning)

Thursday 17th May:                    Mathematics (Paper 3 – Reasoning)

As with the KS1 tests, writing will be teacher assessed against the Assessment Framework for KS2. Click here to view.

SATS Checklist:

 Bottle of water: It has been scientifically proven that water (on its own) helps the brain and therefore thinking. Students should bring in their own water bottles as the weather heats up but this is essential for SATS week.

  • Plenty of sleep: It is imperative that everyone has adequate sleep for school in general (including me!) so early nights will ensure the children can really concentrate during SATS week.
  • Exercise: Endomorphines are produced by the body while we exercise. It makes us feel in a good mood and alleviates stress- perfect for a great week! Chocolate is also said to produce the same chemicals…
  • Healthy eating: Fresh fruit and Vegetables are a great brain food and fish oils are said to really help the brain develop.
  • Try not to panic – Just do the best you can!


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