Red Nose Day 2015

The school has been awash with copycat teachers today as part of our fundraising for Comic Relief – it has been fantastic to once again see the imagination that has gone into the children’s choice of teachers! What has been particularly interesting is seeing characteristics of the staff members being acted out by the children ….

I haven’t had as much time to get around the classrooms and take photos today, for which I apologise, but I hope the photos we have managed to get give you a taste of what things have looked like in school today.

100_1350 100_1351 DSC05193 DSC05194 DSC05198 DSC05199 DSC05200 DSC05204 DSC05206 DSC05207 DSC05208 DSC05209 DSC05210 DSC05211 DSC05212 DSC05213 DSC05214 DSC05218 DSC05219 DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05226 DSC05228 DSC05229 DSC05230 DSC05231 DSC05235 DSC05236 DSC05238 DSC05239 DSC05240 DSC05241 DSC05242 DSC05244 DSC05246

A massive thank you once again to those people who made today possible: parents/grandparents, friends, relatives, staff, children and the KS2 School Council for coming up with the ideas in the first place and writing to parents on my behalf.