At Levendale, we firmly believe that reading is a fundamental entitlement and vital skill that all children must have in order to be happy and confident learners. For children to become fluent readers, there is a structured phonics programme that can be followed in order to equip them with the skills to become self-sufficient, accurate readers. At Levendale, we use the Letters and Sounds programme for Phonics.

Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds is a focused teaching strategy that teaches children how the alphabet works for reading and spelling.

Letters and Sounds is taught through 6 phases.

Phase 1 supports the development of speaking and listening.

Phase 2-5 is a systematic approach to phonics teaching and word recognition skills

Phase 6 focuses on word-specific spellings and the rules for spelling alternatives.

Letters and Sounds is taught as a discrete 20-25 minute session each day. Each lesson follows the structure of review, teach, practise and apply.

FS focus on the teaching of Phases 1-3. Time allocation, especially in the early stages, depends upon the readiness and ability to concentrate of the children. Much of Phase 1 is part of everyday classroom activity and is fed into child-initiated work by the interaction of adults.

Year 1 – Phases 3-5

Year 2 – Phases 4-6

Year 3 – Phases 5-6 with overlap according to the abilities of each cohort.

All children from FS-Y1 have a Letters and Sounds book to take home and practise new sounds and spelling patterns; they also read and spell tricky words taught that week.


Project Code X

Children in Y2, Y3 and Y4 who might have some difficulties with phonic acquisition and/or reading comprehension are incorporated into our Project Code X programme which helps to develop phonics skills and boost reading comprehension skills in a fun and vibrant manner. This is a very successful intervention scheme that has been proven to work well in the past two years since it was introduced in school.


Reading schemes

Our main reading scheme in school for children to work through is the Oxford Reading Tree. This runs from Stage 1 up to Stage 16 and is accessed at an ability-appropriate level by all children during their time at Levendale. Once they develop into fluent and confident readers, they access our fiction library as ‘free readers’ where there is a wide range of books to choose from to excite and enthuse all ages and abilities.


For further information regarding the teaching of reading (or any other queries regarding English in general), please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance or please feel free to make an appointment with Mrs Patrickson, our English leader.