PTA Decorated Egg competition

Here are as many photos as possible showing the amazing decorated eggs that have been brought into school this morning for the PTA Decorated Egg Competition. The quality of the entries this year was phenomenal and we have been incredibly impressed by how much time and effort has gone into all the entries. Thanks to the PTA, the winner and runner-up in each year group received an Easter egg, with every entry in each class receiving a small chocolate egg as a consolation prize. Thank you to everyone who supported the children in this event and a special thanks to the PTA for organising it all. A very special thanks must also go to our panel of three judges (whose anonymity has been requested for fear of reprisals …. but Mr Beadnall definitely wasn’t one of them this year!).

FS1 (am)


Winner: Spencer Roberts

Runner-up: Lucie Lupton

12 entries overall

FS1 (pm)


Winner: Zachary Armstrong

Runner-up: Ellie Matthewman

10 entries overall



Winner: Annabel Lupton

Runner-up: Taylor Matthewman

16 entries overall



Winner: Poppy Fairhurst

Runner-up: Oliver Woods

23 entries overall



Winner: Evie Underwood

Runner-up: Millie Greenfield

14 entries overall



Winner: Zachary Leeds

Runner-up: Lucy Saunders & Harvey Instone (too close to judge, apparently!)

8 entries overall



Winner: Jay Forster

Runner-up: Will Dowson

14 entries overall



Winner: Evie Conway

Runner-up: Benjamin Saunders

13 entries overall



Winner: Liberty Foulger

Runner-up: Joe Maloney

7 entries overall


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