My Hero (optional homework)

My last two assemblies in school have been about personal heroes and the qualities that they might have. I used examples from sports, literature, TV, art, music and so on to illustrate how people might have heroes from a wide range of genres. I also used the example of my own personal hero being my dad, who helped me become the person I am today and who sadly died eighteen years ago.

For those children who want to (and I would like to stress this is optional), we discussed how they could write about their own personal hero (male or female), describing WHY this person is so important to them and why they admire them. An illustration or photo could also accompany the text. I have created a template sheet that could be used for this homework, but have also stressed that it could equally be word-processed or in another different format if desired.

My hero homework sheet_280416

I have requested that children only write about REAL people, but there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for fictional characters so these would be acceptable too – who am I to stand in the way of creativity?

These should be handed in to me (ideally in person so I can thank those children who make the effort) by next Wednesday – these will form the basis of a new display in the school hall.

Thank you!

Mr Beadnall