Garden Club


We are always looking for volunteers to help out with our garden club.  If there are any parents/grandparents/friends or relatives that could spare half an hour each week working in the garden with a group of children please let Mrs Dearlove int he school office know.

We are hoping to have a very successful garden club this year at Levendale.  The club is currently led by Mrs Smith, who works with eight of our children from across the school on Friday lunchtime. We are hoping to add photographs from the beginning until the end of the year so everyone is able to see how we get on.

Rhubarb Tasting

We harvested some of our rhubarb this week.  We cooked this with some sugar and let the children taste it.  Some liked it and some did not but everyone gave it a go!!



This week we have planted our flowers.  We transplanted from our pots, the French Marigold, Nasturtium, Sunflowers, and poppy to name but a few.  Mrs McMullen’s class have worked hard planting their beans.


This week we harvested the potatoes we were given by the Potato Council.  The children weighed and counted the potatoes from both varieties and Mrs Dearlove entered the information on to the Potato Council website.  You never know we may have the winning crop!  We also cut down our Phacelia and perhaps next week we can dig the roots into the bed to provide our ‘green compost’.



If you have passed our garden recently you will have seen our fantastic flowers, which have given the area a lovely burst of colour.  Our tomatoes are coming on a treat and the children have experimented, hanging some unripened tomatoes in the classroom to see if they ripen.  We have also planted lots of bulbs ready for next spring.