Decorated Egg competition, Easter 2017

Our annual PTA-organised Decorated Egg competition took place on the last day of Spring Term, Friday 7th April 2017. The bar was raised very high indeed for this year’s entrants, with some spectacular examples of ingenuity and inventiveness! Thank you to everyone who entered, and to the PTA for providing the prizes! The winners are announced after the photos …. (apologies that there are no photos of the FS1 morning/afternoon eggs. Someone used Mr Beadnall’s camera and drained the battery!

FS1 morning

Winner: Rosie

Runner-up: Pippa

FS1 afternoon

Winner: Theo

Runner-up: Sophia


Winner: George Hannaway

Runner-up: OIiver Buxton


Winner: Joseph Ainsworth

Runner-up: Mia Dover


Winner: Sophie Armstrong

Runner-up: Annabel Lupton


Winner: Oliver Woods

Runner-up: Poppy Fairhurst


Winner: Gracie Forster

Runner-up: Max Norman


Winner: Lauren Tate

Runner-up: Libby McBride


Winner: Keira Donoghue

Runner-up: Sophie Brooks