Boudicca in Y3

In a strange space/time continuum disruption event, Y3 are currently being visited by Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe. Looking remarkably well given her age (and the fact she is rumoured to have died nearly two thousand years ago), Boudicca terrified Mr Beadnall and forced him to flee the Y3 classroom by crawling over a table to escape. If screams are heard from the classroom, we will endeavour to find a member of staff who is brave enough to go and tackle the fierce warrior queen. In the meantime, we will check the car park and layby to make sure her chariot isn’t illegally parked. Eventually, we persuaded Boudicca to pose for some photos with her warrior tribe and then lead a charge towards McColls ……


After some technical issues (and having to seriously degrade the quality of the clip to fit in with website file upload size restrictions), we now have a grainy version of the fearsome Y3 battle charge to view below (in .wmv format so we can’t guarantee compatibility with all OS/software versions):