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Meet our team


Dr R. Beadnall – Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for LAC

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs B.J. Carnelly – Designated Safeguarding Deputy; Leader for Computing, SENCo

Administration Team

Mrs D. Dearlove

Mrs J. McCullagh

Foundation Stage Team

Mrs A. Stonehouse – EYFS Lead, Nursery class teacher, leader for History and Geography.

Miss K. Elliott – Reception class teacher

Mrs J. Baisden – TA

Ms L. Gardner – TA

Mrs B. Thomas – TA

Year 1

Mrs L. McMullen – Leader for Religious Education

Mrs S. Whincup – Leader for Music and Languages

Mrs B. Thomas – TA

Ms L. Gardner – TA

Mrs J. Massey – TA


Year 2

Mrs R. McFarlane – Joint leader for Maths

Mrs L. Kirk – Joint leader for Maths

Mrs G. Flanagan – TA

Miss R. Kerwin – TA


Year 3

Mrs S. Patrickson – Leader for English, PSHE, Rights Respecting Schools Lead

Mrs J. Massey – TA

Mrs B. Thomas – TA

Mrs V. Dawson – TA


Year 4

Mrs K. Butterfield – Leader for Science, joint Leader for P.E.

Mrs B. McBride – TA

Mrs J. Gullon – TA


Year 5

Mrs S. Page – Joint leader for P.E. and  leader for Art/DT

Mrs J. Gullon – TA

Mrs T. Loughran – TA


Year 6

Mrs B.J. Carnelly – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs T. Loughran – TA

Mrs J. Gullon – TA

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J. Adams
Mrs A. Clements
Mrs D. Edemenson
Mrs D. Farrar
Miss L. Haggas
Mrs G. Turner
Mrs L. Ware
Mrs P. Mercer
Mrs T. Laird
Mrs V. Dawson
Mrs E. Sinha


Mr D. Harding


Mrs A Clements
Mr A Clements