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Interesting non-sporty things!

Whilst we have a section for sporting achievements outside of school, I often get children coming to see me with very interesting artefacts, letters or other items that they have found or been given. This is a chance to share in some of the things that come into school on a regular basis that are worthy of note but might not particularly represent achievement as such!


Evie Underwood with a piece of flint she found on Withernsea Beach.


Ruby Walton with a collection of souvenirs from her holiday in Mexico.


Zeban Majid with a colouring book from Christian Luboutin, signed by Christian himself.


Max Smith with his carved marble shark from the SeaLife Centre in Scarborough.



Emily McCourt brought in a 1983 Australian 50p piece which has twelve sides (a dodecagon). Interestingly, the last British coin to have this shape was the threepenny bit (phased out in 1971) but the new 2017 £1 coin will be dodecagonal – great for helping to learn about shape in school!

DSC04251 DSC04253

Niamh came in to show me her letter from the Lady-in-Waiting to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after Niamh had written a letter to the Duchess about Brownies.

Amy came to show me some old coins she had found: an 18xx Victorian penny, a 1922 George V florin and a 1963 Elizabeth II shilling.


Caitlin brought in her ‘Home Safety’ badge that she was awarded at Brownies.


Daniel showed me the ticket and pin badge his Dad had got him from a football match in Ireland between the Crusaders and Cliftonville.

Green radioactivity

Dominic Green came to show me some work on Radioactivity that he had been inspired to research and write after watching a French documentary. This really appealed to the ex-chemist in me!